Financial Agreements

Financial agreements can be entered into either to formalise a property settlement after the breakdown of a relationship, or entered into either before or during a marriage or de facto relationship, to set out how financial matters will be dealt with upon separation. 

The law in relation to financial agreements is complex and requires strict compliance with legal requirements, particularly those entered into prior to the breakdown of a relationship.  An in-depth understanding of family law and the court’s handling of financial agreements is essential to minimise the risk of an agreement later being set aside, putting your financial position at risk.

It is therefore essential that parties and non-family law professionals ensure these kinds of agreements are prepared by a specialised family lawyer.

Why choose Kalus Kenny Intelex Lawyers?

Josephine Sergi and the family law team at Kalus Kenny Intelex are experienced and meticulous about ensuring pre-separation financial agreements are prepared according to the legislative requirements and to minimise the risk that an agreement will not be upheld. 

Part of this is also providing careful and ongoing advice, where necessary, about making financial decisions along the way to ensure these are consistent with the intention of the financial agreement.