Parenting Arrangements & Disputes

Nothing is more important than your children. 

Putting into place arrangements in relation to children after separation can be complicated. 

There are many factors which are relevant and need to be considered before an arrangement that is in your children’s best interests, is put in place.  These factors can include:

  • the age, health and any developmental or other needs of the children;
  • any risk factors to the child, including the risk of family violence;
  • the practicalities of any arrangement to be put in place.

In addition to living/care arrangements for children, there may be specific issues arise in relation to your children where agreement cannot be reached.  In these circumstances, it may be appropriate to take further steps to resolve the dispute.

Why choose Kalus Kenny Intelex Lawyers?

Josephine Sergi and the family law team at Kalus Kenny Intelex are able to provide you with guidance as to whether an arrangement is one which is appropriate, taking into account all of the circumstances.  She is also able to assist in formulating a plan to best accommodate the needs of you and your children and provide advice as to any specific issues which may arise in relation to children.