Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property (IP) is at the heart of most businesses in today’s commercial landscape. With the ever increasing globalisation of trade channels, including online, ensuring that your IP is protected, and is protected in the right markets, is paramount.
Before you commercialise your IP, you should ensure that your IP rights are protected. Protecting your IP involves a careful consideration of what IP rights you already have, what IP rights are available, determining what protections are required and making the appropriate applications.

An effective IP protection strategy is crucial to a successful business, particularly prior to expanding trade channels into international markets. A strong and secure IP adds tangible value to your business as those IP rights can be commercialised through licenses, franchises, assignments or even sold. A strong IP portfolio can also significantly increase the value of your business on sale.

At Kalus Kenny Intelex we have in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to managing your IP assets. We regularly advise on a full spectrum of intellectual property issues, including brand protection and trade marks, copyright, licensing and intellectual property infringement and disputes.

Our strategic and commercial advice is always tailored to your individual business needs and goals.

Our Intellectual Property expertise includes:


Trade Marks:

  • Trade Mark Searching
  • Australian and International Trade Mark Registrations
  • Trade Mark Portfolio Management & Renewals
  • Domain Names Protection & Disputes
  • Business Name Protection
  • Trade Mark Infringements, Enforcement and Litigation
  • Trade Mark Commercialisation & Licensing


  • Filing and prosecuting Designs to certification
  • Identifying the new and distinctive aspects of a Design
  • Australian and international filings for domestic and international clients
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Registration renewals


  • Advice on copyright subsistence, ownership, acquisition and licensing
  • Preparing documentation proving ownership of copyright
  • Copyright clearances and due diligence enquiries
  • Assignments of copyright
  • Infringements, Enforcement and Litigation

Commercialisation & Protection

  • Corporate structuring for tax efficiency, risk management and investment
  • Contractual arrangements, including licence agreements, supply and distribution agreements, and trading terms
  • Confidentiality agreements to protect confidential information and trade secrets
  • Franchising arrangements

Why choose Kalus Kenny Intelex Lawyers?

The Kalus Kenny Intelex Intellectual Property Team prides itself on understanding business from the inside out. We get that your IP is your brand identity and the very essence of what gives you a competitive advantage in business. For some businesses, the IP it owns can be its most valuable asset. Our job is to assist you in piecing together the intellectual property puzzle to ensure you are properly protected.

Experience is the difference.

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