KKI recognised as one of Australia’s Fastest Growing Firms

Oct 12, 2021

‘Australasian Lawyer’ has released the 2021 Fast Firms list, comprising 15 firms that have reported record growth and kept up the momentum during a trying time for the legal profession.

The COVID-19 pandemic was expected to cripple the Australian legal profession the way it had caused so many other sectors to struggle to survive. The profession was notorious for being slow to adapt to technology, and the sudden transition to digital could have become a problem. However, instead of struggling, the legal profession demonstrated adaptability, as most firms facilitated the transition to flexible work arrangements. A number of firms were able to tweak existing arrangements to make things easier for clients and maintain a human connection. International expansion became an option as the barriers created by the requirement of a physical presence were broken down.

Reflecting on the past 18 months, Partner and co-founder of Kalus Kenny Intelex, Henry Kalus said “Our greatest achievement was the confirmation that we are actually who we have always said we are. When tested by the pandemic we reacted in a manner which was true to our values.”

“It’s easy to aim high when talking about values, but it’s a different thing altogether to live those values. We were given the opportunity to show that we are truly a people first firm. We reacted in that way, by putting staff security and wellbeing above all else, by supporting clients in need, and by applying ourselves with determination and a positive attitude to coming out the other end even stronger. By the end of 2020 we had significantly grown our high end clientele and enhanced our brand.”

Growth has never been a goal of Kalus Kenny Intelex. Rather it has been a bi product of setting high standards. The firm has always been confident that if they invested in and look after staff and clients, that growth and financial reward would come, and it has.

Being recognised in the 2021 Fast Firms list is testimony to this approach. Henry Kalus continues, “An award like this is a reminder to be grateful to our staff, who have bought into our values and made success possible. We know it is a team effort. The award reinforces to us the importance of being clear on who we are and how we want to practice law.”

In 2020 KKI became the sole Australian member of the International Legal Network, a Chambers ‘Leading Law Firm Network’ of 91 high-quality, full-service law firms with over 5,000 lawyers world-wide. KKI actively engages with and provides assistance to law firms in Asia, Europe, USA and South America. Being a part of a strong and highly reputable global network of law firms allows KKI to provide even more scope to add value and guidance to our clients.