Make sure that you delete your redundant data!

For most of us, we’d be lost without our phones, tablets, and computers. These devices have changed the way we live. We can now do our banking without going to the bank, eat restaurant quality food without going to a restaurant and even work without going to work! And isn’t it just great!?

But have you ever thought about what might happen if someone had access to one of those devices and the personal information that you have stored on it?

One easy way to minimise this risks is to wipe your personal information from old phones and other devices when you no longer use them regularly.  It is particularly important to make sure that you remove all of your personal information from a device before it is disposed of, sold, or given to a family member.

You can do this by conducting a full factory reset of the operating system on your device. But wait! Don’t forget to back up all your photos, contacts and other important data to a hard drive or the cloud first.

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