Outstanding global recognition for the ILN

Feb 28, 2021

In 2020 KKI looked to the future, and beyond our own backyard, and made the strategic decision to join the International Lawyers Network.

With a solid and ever growing group of clients that we help out doing business beyond our borders, as well as representing many people and businesses from overseas looking to invest or have a business presence here, we were confident that the ILN would support our ever growing international practice.

KKI partner Sven Burchartz said “Our choice of global partner was a great one. The International Lawyers Network has been recognized by Chambers Global 2021 as being among the top two percent of global law firm networks.”

Its ‘Leading Law Firm Networks’ Ranking has also increased from Tier 2 in the previous year to Tier 1.

This follows on from the ILN recently receiving recognition as a “Leading Law Firm Network” in the Chambers 2021 Asia Pacific Guide.

As its sole Australian firm we are proud to have played a part in this along with our colleagues in all of the ILN member firms.