Privacy Awareness Week is just around the corner

Kalus Kenny Intelex is a proud supporter of this year’s Privacy Awareness Week (PAW).

PAW is an important initiative run every year by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, aimed at raising awareness of privacy related issues and the importance of protecting personal information. In light of Covid-19, more and more of us have shifted our day-to-day work and other activity online, meaning privacy awareness is now more important than ever.

PAW 2020 will run from 4-10 May and the theme this year is ‘Reboot your privacy’. So, each day of PAW, we will be publishing information to help you lock down your own personal information and/or the personal information managed by your organisation.

We take the protection of personal information seriously, which is why we are a proud PAW 2020 supporter.

We’ll be posting updates throughout PAW of things you can do to protect your personal information, but you don’t have to wait until May. Here are some great tips you can use today:


  • Have a look at your privacy settings for your various online accounts, and be sure to use strong (and different!) passwords across your different accounts.
  • Take a moment to think before you share or check-in on social media, and be careful when posting photos of your address or current location.
  • If you don’t want your mobile phone or downloaded apps to track your online activity and your physical location, check your settings to switch these functions off.
  • ‘Smart’ devices like home assistants, appliances and even your car can collect your personal information —disconnect these if you don’t need them to be online.
  • Keep a watch out for online scams — a key cause of personal data breaches — and be sure not to click on links in suspicious emails or texts.