Real estate agents – only licensed in one jurisdiction? No worries!

Mar 2, 2022

In exciting news for real estate agents, Consumer Affairs Victoria has announced that Victorian licensed estate agents can now rely on the Automatic Mutual Recognition scheme (‘AMR’) to provide their services in participating jurisdictions outside of Victoria without needing to apply for a second licence. The current participating jurisdictions are Victoria, NSW, SA, Tasmania, ACT and NT. It’s expected that Queensland and WA will follow shortly.

A real estate agent simply needs to complete and submit an online form to the local licensing authority (for those wishing to service Victoria – the Victorian Business Licensing Authority) after which they can immediately start providing their services. There is no need to wait until the application is assessed and approved.

The AMR will be of great benefit to many real estate agents (many of whom have clients with properties located in various Australian jurisdictions). Real estate agents must be mindful that they will be bound by the laws and regulations in the jurisdiction that they are providing their services (and no two jurisdictions are the same!).