Have you reviewed your employment contracts and policies recently?

Jun 12, 2022

It is important for employers review their employment contracts and policies periodically.

Many businesses conduct a performance review, and often pay review, for employees towards the end of the financial year. Such reviews are an important opportunity for employers to consider whether their employment agreements remain appropriate for employees who will be moving into more senior roles or taking on a greater level of responsibility.

Employment contracts

As staff are promoted staff within a business, it is imperative to consider whether existing employment contracts continue to reflect the employees’ current duties and entitlements, sufficiently protect the business’ confidential information and intellectual property, and also whether the restraint continues to be appropriate.

This is particularly the case where an employee has commenced their employment with a business at a junior level and now undertakes a more senior role in which they have access to greater levels of confidential information of the company as their duties have evolved.

Employment policies

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Working from home arrangements and remote or satellite offices are now commonplace. Employers should consider the parameters around such arrangements and ensure they are incorporated into an employment contract or policies where appropriate. Such policies need to address issues such as occupational health and safety and supervision and reporting processes.

Appropriate and up to date policies assist help to communicate to staff a clear understanding of what is expected and enable employers to provide a fair, predictable, and consistent approach to managing the workplace and workplace issues.

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