Structured Finance and Investment

It’s in our DNA to simplify and manage the most complex of financing and investment transactions.

Decades of experience in Melbourne’s high end property projects and enterprises has given us rare insights into risk management.

Dealing with major banks and second tier lenders, we have recently transacted debt and equity deals which exceed $500 million across multiple transactions.

Our clients include mezzanine and family office lenders, private equity, property developers and high net worth investors.

We have built a team that puts that experience to use for lenders, borrowers and investors in complex debt and equity deals of all kinds, whether property or business based.

Experience is the difference.

Our Structured Finance and Investment legal expertise includes:

  • Property construction funding of circa $300 million from an offshore lender.
  • Mezzanine loans secured by properties and joint venture interests around Australia.
  • Family office debt and equity construction funding.
  • Multiple construction facilities for medium and high density projects.
  • Variety of share acquisition and divestment transactions across a range of industries, including complex commercial and compliance issues
  • Significant business sales and acquisitions.
  • Seed capital transactions, including SAFE Agreements, Convertible Notes and other debt and equity instruments.

Our Structured Finance and Investment services include:

  • Private equity
  • Capital raisings
  • Debt funding
  • Local and international transactions


As the only Australian member of the International Lawyers Network (ILN), we have contributed the Australian chapter in the International Lawyers Network ‘Establishing a Business Entity International Guide’.

Why choose Kalus Kenny Intelex Lawyers?

When you are looking to do things differently and make strategic moves you need a team of professional advisors on your side.

You need to rely on lawyers who understand both the big picture and the complexities, regardless of where you are at with your transactions and deals.

With over 30 years of experience in Commercial and Property Law, our team are trusted advisors to some of Melbourne's most successful business people, property developers and families. Understanding the complexities of business, financing, wealth and risk is our priority for all of our clients, and we pride ourselves on providing advice that is practical, commercial and strategic.

Experience is the difference.

Our Structured Finance and Investment Team

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