Kalus Kenny Intelex Makes Privacy A Priority

Apr 29, 2021

The privacy of our clients is extremely important to us here at KKI, which is why we are again proud supporters of Privacy Awareness Week!

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is an annual event run by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, aimed at highlighting the importance of protecting personal information and helping organisations, agencies and the public navigate privacy related issues. Whilst we know that most Australians understand that they should protect their privacy, it is also true that most do not know how to go about doing so.

PAW 2021 kicks off on Monday, and the theme this year is ‘Make Privacy a Priority’. So next week, be sure to keep an eye out for updates from KKI as we publish some important information to help you create and maintain good privacy practices, both at home and at work.

In the meantime, here are some helpful privacy tips that you can implement today:

  1. Check that you are using multi-factor authentication and strong passphrases to secure your electronic devices.
  2. If you would prefer that your browser does not have access to your behavioural data, ensure that you adjust your browser privacy settings and turn this function off.
  3. Before you give out your personal information, ensure that you know (and are comfortable with) who is collecting it, why it is being collected and how it is going to be used.
  4. If you receive an unexpected request for personal information, verify the legitimacy of the request by contacting the organisation directly using the contact information on their website. In the meantime, do not click on any links in any of their texts or emails as you may expose your personal information.
  5. Keep privacy in mind when you are sharing online, and take some time to review your privacy settings across your social media platforms.

For more information on PAW visit the OAIC’s PAW website at https://www.oaic.gov.au/s/paw2021/at-home and https://www.oaic.gov.au/s/paw2021/at-work