‘You win some, you lose more’ – The report of the online gambling industry has been handed down

Jul 4, 2023

Broadcasters, sporting codes and betting companies will be facing greater restrictions on gambling advertisements and promotions.

In September 2022 the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs was formed to conduct an inquiry into the harm caused by online gambling advertising. In its review, the Committee considered the adequacy of current laws, regulations, consumer protections and education and support programs.

Following the review of 161 submissions, 26 exhibits and 13 public hearings, the Committee handed down its final report on 28 June 2023. The final 197 page report makes 31 recommendations, which are suggested to be implemented in four phases:

Phase 1
Prohibiting inducements and social media and online platforms, and ads during school drop off and pick-up times.

Phase 2

Banning all online gambling advertising and commentary on odds, during and an hour either side of a sports broadcast, on uniforms and in stadiums.

Phase 3
Banning broadcast ads between 6am and 10pm.

Phase 4
Prohibiting all online gambling advertising and sponsorship within 3 years, with some exceptions granted to the likes of dedicated racing channels.

Notably, the report called for the government to:

  • crack down on illegal gambling websites;
  • implement a national regulation that provides for comprehensive national strategy on harm reduction;
  • implement an online gambling ombudsman to oversee the formation of new regulations and licensing;
  • implement a harm reduction levy on online wagering service provides;
  • work with the Australian Banking Association to develop a set of minimum gambling consumer protection standards;
  • develop and fund a public education campaign; and
  • engage with more independent researchers to improve data protection.

The full Report is available in full on the Parliament of Australia website.

The Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland, has stated that the government will now consider the report and recommendations in full before outlining any proposed reforms.

Do you have some questions about how any of the recommendations may impact you? Contact the KKI Commercial Team.